Pandora End of Line Mixing
The compact feeding and mixing concept
Feeding and mixing integrated into a single concept, aimed in particular at homogeneously mixing and preventing contamination and segregation: K-Tron Process Group and Dinnissen Process Technology worked together to develop Pandora End of Line Mixing for the food and feed industry. This is an extremely compact and flexible feeding and mixing concept, which works quickly, precisely and very homogeneously, thereby making it much easier to switch to new recipes.
> Mixing quickly, carefully and extremely homogeneously

The Pandora End of Line Mixing concept works on the principle of continuous mixing, whereby a maximum of 10 ingredients are constantly being fed into and removed from the highly compact Pegasus Paddle MixerŽ from Dinnissen Process Technology. Due to its ingenious construction, the paddle mixer mixes a wide range of ingredients very quickly but also very carefully to obtain a perfectly homogeneous result (coefficient of variation = 3% - 5% for fine powders). This makes the concept very well suited for pellets that are easily subject to breakage, for fragile leafy vegetables and for sticky powders or powders that are difficult to mix. In addition, it enables spraying on oils and liquids and mixing them very homogeneously with all possible types of powders, pellets and granulates.

> Feeding with the highest possible precision

Pandora End of Line Mixing was developed especially for feeding ingredients with the highest possible precision to obtain the best possible end result, even when it involves micro-ingredients (0.01% - 2% of incoming product weight) or extra high percentages of liquid addition (30% - 220% of total incoming product weight). To accomplish this, specialized and highly accurate gravimetric feeders from K-Tron Process Group constantly measure the exact input of ingredients to the Pegasus Paddle Mixer.

> Preventing product loss and rework

Continuous mixing processes are frequently accompanied by product loss or rework during the initial and final phases. This can be very annoying, especially when working with expensive ingredients. Using an ingenious combination of feeders with fast reaction times and a volume control system in the mixer, Dinnissen Process Technology developed a unique solution for this problem that completely prevents unnecessary loss and rework.

> Compact design means easy integration

Pandora End of Line Mixing was designed to be very compact for a reason. The compact design provides a great many benefits throughout the concept. You can, for example, integrate the feeding and mixing system quite easily into your existing process or into a new process, preferably just before your end product is packaged in order to minimize the risk of segregation.

> Switching to new recipes easily and quickly

Smaller is better, especially when it comes to cleaning. Pandora End of Line Mixing was designed to ensure that the entire cleaning process can be carried out quickly, easily and very thoroughly. This minimizes the risk of contamination and allows you to switch to a new recipe with minimum downtime, even when the production capacity per recipe differs greatly. This new and innovative dosage & mixing concept is suitable for a wide range of flow speeds, varying from 50 kg to 100 tons per hour.

> We can manage the entire process

K-Tron Process Group and Dinnissen Process Technology can supply Pandora End of Line Mixing as a stand-alone system or as a complete process. Thanks to our experience in process technology, we have a great deal of in-house expertise when it comes to the intake and transport of even the most difficult powders. Next to this, we provide efficient solutions for accurately weighing, grinding, sieving, mixing and packaging a wide range of materials. We design and develop our own technology and have extensive in-house manufacturing and service facilities.

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